Did You Know….?


Cambridge Numerical Control was established in 1981 as a supplier of programming stations for CNC machine tools via paper tape.  Our first system was released on a Shelton Signet twin floppy CPM PC with no graphics capability and was called TapeMaster.  We supplied the PC, TapeMaster edit software, a printer, plotter and an M42 punch unit for creating the paper tapes.  The complete package cost over £8,000 (which was a lot of money in 1981) and our first customer was British Rail Engineering.

Scroll forward 37 years and we still supply software for CNC program generation and management – but the price is less in actual money and far less in real terms.

Cimco Edit does everything the TapeMaster software did, has full graphics backplot, verification and simulation and sells for £450.  Truly a testament to how most things are now far cheaper in real terms than they were nearly 40 years ago.

We still supply a complete solution if required and our products range from Cimco Edit, DNC (program transfer to CNC machines), programme revision control (for ISO, FDA and BS approvals) to machine data capture (MDC) for managing your CNC machines and generating OEE statistics.

We also design and develop custom solutions for our customers based upon our standard products and can integrate our solution into your existing ERP systems to capture machine job times, part counts and machine efficiency.

We are continuously investing in new technology and methods and we are a forerunner in Industry 4.0 by connecting older legacy machines to internet and cloud based systems.

We are passionate about up-skilling engineers for the future and have recently released our CNC Training Room – providing state-of-the-art machine simulators for common machines so CNC programmers and operators can learn to use the machine.

To find out how we can help you, call us or email us at sales@cnc.uk.com