Recommendation from Customer

Evans Eng LogoOn the occasions I have phoned Cambridge Numerical Control for support I have usually got through straight away but if they are busy they have always phoned back within an hour. What I like about their support is that they understand the principles of machining. Their approach is always to find a work around so I can get the job up and running. They can always remote into my computer and see exactly what the problem is and provide a solution. If it’s a post processor problem they normally fix it remotely and then I know that the problem is solved for the future. I would not hestiate to recommend Cambridge Numerical Control as your supplier for FeatureCAM.


Chris Evans
Evans Engineering NW Ltd

FeatureCAM Training

Training RoomCustomers recent comments on our FeatureCAM Training courses

” Training went really well, all information received clear and understood, I am now very confident with FeatureCAM and grateful for all the help ”

” The FeatureCAM training was enough that I would be confident in using it to create programs straight away. ”

” For the level of course I attended the structure and content were very suitable, this now gives me a solid foundation to work from, well done Cambridge. “

Turbo Solutions Ltd – FeatureCAM


Turbo Solutions Logo 2I invited Cambridge Numerical Control to demonstrate FeatureCAM as they were highly recommended. During the demonstration they showed me how easy it was to program my turbine part. We then negotiated terms and they agreed that they would provide a working program for my turbine part as part of the deal.

True to their word the program was provided within the required time scale. However due to a machine control problem the part did not cut properly. Cambridge Numerical Control investigated the problem and came up with a solution to produce a good part with excellent surface finish.

Without the assistance of Cambridge Numerical Control I would have missed the deadline for my customer.

Thanks Cambridge for not walking away from a problem, you gave excellent service and I would certainly recommend your services.

Gary Hopkins
Turbo Solutions Ltd

Mills CNC

partner1Cambridge Numerical Control have recently complete FeatureCAM training for all of Mills CNC pre-sales and application engineers. All their engineer’s now have laptops with the latest version of FeatureCAM to enable them to program their full range of Doosan machines. They will also be using FeatureCAM to provide customers with more accurate time studies.