Training Room

Lack of trained staff holding you back?

One of the biggest issues facing companies is lack of skilled machine programmers and operators.

“We struggle to get the right people with the skills to match our CNC machines and end up having to pay for expensive training from the manufacturer to get new starters up to speed”

“I would love to train my staff, but we have to give them time on the machine to learn it properly which reduces our production”

There is a solution!

Most of the major CNC control manufacturers now offer a PC based simulator that functions exactly as the machine control.

All you need then is a touchscreen PC and a quiet room and you can train your staff.

If you want to go further we can provide everything required to setup an engineer training facility for apprentices, CNC programmers, operators and setters.

Do you have to buy a complete training room?

No, we work closely with you to provide a custom solution to enable you to train your students or apprentices to the highest standards. This might be as simple as supplying you with a single simulator and nothing else.

Is installation and training included?

Absolutely, if you require it.

What about grants / educational discounts?

If you are an educational establishment or working towards a recognised engineering qualification we can provide educational pricing. If not we can, where possible, give you details of grants available for training.

Larger companies can offset all training spending against the Apprenticeship Levy.

What can we provide?

  • A PC for the teacher with either a Smartboard or large touchscreen
  • Interactive teacher software so they can take control of students screens for “one on one” help
  • A touchscreen PC for each student
  • All network and infrastructure setup
  • Desks and chairs with cutouts for cabling
  • Solid Modelling software
  • CAM software
  • Machine Simulators for Milling & Turning
  • Cimco Edit for Editing CNC programs
  • CNC-Calc for simple CAM (easy to learn and use)
  • DNC Software to send programs to machines
  • Full Milling and Turning fundamentals course notes
  • Access to an assessment based online training school
  • All training required for the teacher / student



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