Sinumerik Control on your PC

Slide1Efficient CNC training

SinuTrain allows user-friendly operation and CNC programming of SINUMERIK CNCs right on your PC — based on the real SINUMERIK CNC kernel.

As a result, training is more effective and significantly more cost-efficient. Many training facilities consider SinuTrain a very valuable tool — especially as a result of its high functionality and operational reliability — as a first-class solution for both basic and advanced training. Currently, there are over the 25,000 licenses in use.

SinuTrain offers you a practical and integrated solution for CNC training — across all training levels. By using SinuTrain, you can efficiently learn all of the innovative functions of SINUMERIK CNCs.

Our complete and integrated training solution includes training software and training systems — perfectly tailored to specific demands. And the real highlight: SinuTrain is a training system that is identical to the Sinumerik control itself and runs on standard Windows PCs without the need for any additional hardware.

Designed for easy operation

The SINUMERIK Operate graphical user interface has a clear layout, can be operated intuitively and is equipped with a large number of new, powerful functions. This combines  machining step programming and high-level language programming on one system user interface — and therefore ensures quick, efficient and intuitive NC programming and production planning.

Whether turning or milling — the look-and-feel is the same

Intelligent SINUMERIK Operate functions provide simple support for the operator’s everyday work — for example, screenshots with the key combination CTRL+P. The optimum Windows style display is also user-oriented. The new user interface has also set a new standard in usability by means of graphical support. Animated Elements are a helpful function as they provide a graphically-animated simulation of each machining step in advance. Practical tooltips facilitate the operation.

Tool Management

To ensure efficient tool data management — including all of the details, SINUMERIK Operate is equipped with extended tool management for milling, drilling and turning tools. All tool and magazine information, including the associated details, are displayed on one screen. In addition, all tool parameters are provided for turning.

All tool types including turning tools are transparently displayed as symbols. SINUMERIK also supports the use of complex tools such as multi-tools, which eliminates the need to change tools and also increases the productivity when using multi-tasking machines

• Tool types shown as symbolstooling1

• Tooltips available (context-related brief information)

• Tool and magazine data on one screen including details

• Tool name as plain text or number with a maximum 24 characters

• Efficient tool data management including all details and replacement tool handling


Turning Profile

Create Profile 1Effectively Program Complex Contours

Contour programming is the solution for effectively programming complex contours in turned and milled workpieces. With the aid of the integrated contour editor and the corresponding machining cycles in Sinumerik Operate, contours can be created and processed directly on the CNC control system.


The following programming example is an exercise task for programming with ShopMill.


Program Header

In the program header, define raw part dimensions, the zero point offset, the machining and retraction level, the safety distance, and the retraction of the tool when approaching a sample position.

Program Header

Face Milling

The planning surface is roughed and finished by means of the face-milling cycle. For this purpose, the cycle is parameterized once with the option “Roughing” and once for “Finishing”.

Face Milling

Startpoint contour

In the contour editor, create the contour of the rectangular pin. With the design of an auxiliary straight line, which is under the angle of 195° (180°+15°) in the start point (0/0) and has a length of 50 mm, the start point for the contour of the rectangular pin is determined. The start point of the contour is the end point of the auxiliary straight line. The auxiliary straight line is deleted after the coordinates are determined.

Start Point

Create contour

The coordinates of the auxiliary point are entered as the start point and the recess contour is created by means of the functions XY straight line. The first section of the contour is, for example, a straight line from the start point under the angle α1=285° with a length of 35 mm. A radius R=15 is selected as the transition between the contour elements. Thus, the contour can be structured step-by-step.

Create contour

Roughing and finishing contour

The contour is linked to the pin milling cycle. One cycle for the roughing, then cycles for the finishing of the bottom and edge.

Roughing & Finishing contour

Rectuangular pocket

You can easily program the rectangular recess with a milling cycle for recesses. The dimensions are defined by specifying the center point (0/0), the width 60 mm, length 90 mm, and depth -4 mm of the recess. Since the recess is rotated 15°, enter a start angle of α0=15°. The cycle is parameterized once for the roughing and once for the finishing.

Rect Pocket


Circular pocket

The circular recess is also programmed via a circular recess milling cycle for the roughing and finishing.

Circular Pocket

Drilling and pattern

For drilling the inner circular hole (ø8.5), a drilling cycle is linked to the Circle position example.

Drilling Pattern

Retraction plane change

Before the drill holes are programmed on the Grid position example, you must change the retraction levels within the position example. During an approach within a position example, ShopMill uses the distance defined in the program header. In our example, “optimized” was selected. Since the tool can collide with the rectangular pin in the center, reprogram a new setting with the retraction “Position example on retraction level RP”.


Workstep program

This concludes the programming



The programme can be simulated for test purposes.



• An excellent training tool with      which to teach new CNC      operators and programmers
• Provides basic training on      the Sinumerik control prior to      letting them loose on your      expensive machine tools
• Reduces loss of production and      costly tool collisions



Training software for the PC is       identical to the control

Programming in DIN, ShopMill      and ShopTurn languages

Simple programming with      integrated online help

Workstations can be linked      with each  other to form a      didactic network

CAD system connectivity for      fast program generation

Machine tool geometries can      be imported for fast program      generation

Keyboard in an original layout —      similar to the actual machine


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