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Is your company suffering from lack of confidence in your current method of loading and storing your CNC programs.

Your existing system proving to be unreliable and losing data. Your CNC programs not being backed up properly.

You have invested many thousands of Pounds and Time creating CNC programs why take the risk get DNC-Max and protect your future.

DNC-Max is the latest version of the most trusted CNC communication software on the market. From its highly adaptable remote request and auto-receive to its advanced client/server architecture, DNC-Max continues to be the software solution-of-choice. DNC-Max provides end-to-end functionality designed to make every aspect of CNC communications more reliable and efficient.

DNC-Max is for customers who demand performance, flexibility and reliability. Whether your solution is for a small shop with a few CNCs or a corporate solution for hundreds of machines in multiple remote facilities, DNC-Max is the proven solution.

DNC-Max meets or exceeds the functionality and flexibility of any other DNC application on the market. DNC-Max is the obvious choice for any size CNC operation.

CNC Compatibility

DNC-Max is designed to be the complete DNC solution for all your CNC equipment. In addition to standard Fanuc/Haas style controls DNC-Max includes the most comprehensive support for Heidenhain, Mazak, Fagor, etc.

Hardware Compatibility

DNC-Max works with off-the-shelf, industry standard RS-232 serial communications hardware, including Ethernet and Wireless serial device servers, traditional card based hardware, and existing legacy hardware.

CNC File Compatibility

Whether you set up your first system or you replace an existing system, the DNC application you choose must be compatible with your data. DNC-Max eliminates the need to update all your existing NC programs.

Ease of Use and Administration

File transfers, port monitoring and system administration are performed in a clean, intuitive client/server interface. This is part of the system’s intelligent, solution driven design.

DNC-Max Client

The DNC-Max Client
The DNC-Max client is the application used for local or remote file transfer, port monitoring and port management. The DNC-Max Client can access one or more DNC-Max Servers across a LAN, WAN or even the Internet.

The DNC-Max Server
The DNC-Max server is the DNC engine responsible for all communications related activities. Users can choose to run the DNC-Max Server as a service or as an application. This is the core component of DNC-Max.

1 up to 4000 simultaneous ports
Supports 1 up to 4000 simultaneous ports for DNC or drip-feed when combined with industry standard RS232 communications hardware from companies such as MOXA, Quatech, DIGI, Comtrol, etc.

Remote network administration
Remote network configuration and administration of multiple servers from a single point (DNC-Max Client), increases ease of management and installation, and makes it possible to monitor DNC server status from anywhere on the LAN, WAN, or across the Internet.

The DNC-Max Client allows users to remotely configure ports on-the-fly without having to stop the DNC-Max Server, or even active file transfers on the same port, while making changes. The port configuration will automatically update when communication to the CNC ends. Users may also remotely configure the DNC-Max server, including server re-start, from any networked PC. The DNC-Max Client UI is the most advanced, most flexible client available.

Powerful remote request and auto name
Powerful remote request and auto name features allow operators the ability to initiate file transfers directly from their CNC control or with the use of hand held terminals for older or CNCs with limited alpha-numeric keypads or other limitations. The remote request supports DNC restart and file looping, extensive directory support including sub-directory support and directory prioritization, directory filters, and wildcards (Ex. P123*).

Several levels of password protection
Several levels of password protection limiting configuration and control options to key personnel.

Multiple send/restart functions
Multiple send/restart functions give the operator the ability to send from any point in file, specified by line number, block number or tool change – including remotely with remote request.

Comprehensive real-time logging
DNC-Max provides comprehensive real-time logging of DNC system and machine activity, and the ability to send status reports directly to CNC operators

Wireless Connectivity

WiFi is a technology that enables data transfer over specified radio frequencies, this in turn removes the need for cabled connections between the DNC Server and CNC machine tools. The DNC-Max software works in just the same way whether it is connected to the CNC machines by cables or by a wireless network infrastructure to IEEE802.11b standard.

To prevent unauthorized access to the NC data transmitted by the wireless network, the integrated WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) algorithm with key lengths of optional 64-/128- /256-bits and RC4 encryption may be activated.

To use wireless technology the Wireless Access Point antenna must have “line of sight” with the CNC machines Wireless Client antenna. This can then provide a transmission distance as far as 100 metres

The operational reliability of wireless data transmission in workshops with strong electromagnetic interference is not a problem. During transmission of the CNC program a multiple check of data packets is performed by the Ethernet TCP protocol. If the data packets cannot be verified perfectly (via header and contents check sums) they are rejected and sent again until the check sums match. This verification ensures that the CNC program arrives safely at the correct machine.

Wireless Clients are mounted inside the control enclosure of each CNC machine. A short stub antenna is then fixed to the top of the machine control with in line sight of the Wireless Access point antenna. The machine control’s RS232 port is then re-sited inside the control and connected to the Wireless Client. This leaves a neat job without any external cables.

Each wireless client is programmed with a unique IP Address which ensures that a CNC program cannot be sent to the wrong machine. It also means that all machines can load programs at the same time.

Fitting Wireless Access Point & High Gain Antenna A high gain Antenna is fitted to a wall at a point that has “line of sight” with all the machine tools. The antenna is then connected to the Wireless Access point which is in turn connected to your network

Hub Connectivity

RS232 Hub connectivity

The Ethernet Serial Port Hub is similar in function to an RS-232 multiport card. But whereas a multiport card must be installed in your PC, the hub simply connects to your Ethernet network. The DNC-Max software will “see” the hubs serial ports across your network even though they are physically located elsewhere.

The RS232 hubs are available with 8 or 16 ports and the DNC system can be expanded by simply adding more hubs into the system.

The RS232 hub is sited in a central area of the shop floor. An RS232 cable is then run from the hub to each machine control. The hub is rack mounted along with a patch panel into a cabinet. Each RS232 hub is then connected to your network and given a unique IP address.

Using hubs makes the cabling of the system easier by reducing the distance the cables need to be run.



Spontaneous customer support

When you select a DNC system it is vital that you get instant support when you have a problem. If the DNC-Max system goes down then you can’t load programs to any of your machines. Cambridge Numerical Control have the latest systems to make sure you get that support. With Teamviewer we can remote into you PC and see your DNC system and fix a problem remotely. This means that you can get on with cutting metal and satisfying your customer.

Click Link Below to Download Teamviewer

Download DNC-Max Update

Click below to download the latest DNC-Max & CIMCO Edit Version 7 Update.


• Download programs remotely     from your CNC machine tool
• Supports Heidenhain and Mazak     Protocols
• No waiting all machines can be     downloading at same time
• Runs in background

Why DNC-Max

Cambridge Numerical Control is the UK’s number 1 supplier of DNC systems and has successfully installed DNC-Max to over 15,000 CNC machines in the UK.

We are the preferred DNC suppliers to all the major machine tool suppliers

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