CNC Training Aids

Cambridge Numerical Control have put together the ultimate training aids for future CNC programmers. This package includes the 3 major CNC control producers. We feel that its important to be able to provide our future Engineers with the tools to be able to learn all the basic principles of CNC machining so they are better equipped to move into full time employment.

These packages give real hands on experience of using the machine controls in a safe classroom environment. This educational package will prepare our future Engineers to be able take on a roll as programmers for the most common machine controls. 


Train 1NC Guide is just like using your Fanuc control but on your PC. The key to unlocking the full potential of your operators, programmers and maintenance engineers lies in your ability to train them to use the many productivity tools incorporated into the equipment that you have purchased


Train 2HEIDENHAIN has developed an education concept consisting of three modules. The modules are available in various versions in an online shop:  HIT – HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (free demo version, single and multiple license)  HIT support you when you begin programming with HEIDENHAIN controls. The control functions are explained with animation, small tasks and exercises. In addition, you can take tests to check what you have learned.


Train 3The PC version of ShopMILL and ShopTURN works exactly like they do on your machine control. This enables you to program the Siemens control in your office. A perfect tool for training new operators whilst avoiding a costly collision on the machine control.

Education Bundles

All 3 of these products are available at a special educational price for Colleges. Cambridge Numerical Control have already installed these training packages in to Colleges in the UK providing an idea training environment of our up and coming Engineer’s of the future.

True Machine Simulation

These packages are just like having the machine control on your computer. You can learn how to program without the risk of a costly collision on the machine control.

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