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NC-Base is a CNC program management tool that allows you to organize and manage your CNC programs and related production documents. Management of part programs and associated production documents is often a time consuming task for CNC programmers and operators. NC-Base takes care of that job and goes one step further. By providing an integrated and highly flexible management, search and editing environment, programmers and operators are guaranteed to work more effectively.

Information Management

Achieving product and quality goals today requires that the correct information and data get to the right individuals and equipment as efficiently as possible. NC-Base is the CNC program management tool that allows you to organize and manage your CNC programs and related production documents most effectively through the use of a reliable and fast SQL relational database.

CIMCO NC-Base is production centric, designed to be used by people in the programming department and on the shop floor. With NC-Base CNC programmers and production staff can assemble virtual folders containing all the necessary data used by machinists, operators, quality staff, and others who are responsible for finished parts. Why just send CNC programs to the shop floor when you can also provide setup sheets, tool lists, images, and other vital information required to manufacture parts? This information may be accessed from PCs running the NC-Base Client or printed out for manual distribution. Either way, NC-Base helps ensure the right part gets made right every time. CNC operators can access and update the database directly from the CNC control, or any PC on the shop floor.

User Management

Controlling who can access and modify information is a critical component in any information management system. CIMCO NC-Base achieves this by using a highly flexible user/group permission system that allows the administrator to specify who is allowed to view, modify, approve files etc.

Track Changes

CIMCO NC-Base features a comprehensive, yet easy to use, version control system that automatically tracks any changes made, not only to the CNC programs, but also to associated production documentation. Every version of a file is stored in the system, along with information about when the change was made, who made it and why it was made. The operator can at any time create a new version or restore an older versi-on. Using the integrated compare function, different version can be quickly compared side by side.

Integrates with DNC-Max

CIMCO NC-Base is fully integrated with the DNC-Max, CIMCO’s flagship CNC networking solution, allowing operators to request and retrieve CNC programs or save “as-run” CNC programs directly from the CNC control or NC-Base client.CIMCO NC-Base integrates seamlessly with most CAD/CAM applications. Using the auto import function programs generated in the programming department are automatically imported into the database. Existing ERP/PDM systems can extract data directly from the SQL database. Program information can also be exported to text files, MS Excel spreadsheets, etc.


Associate all types of production data with your CNC programs to minimize mistakes and scrap. You may associate files created outside CIMCO Edit such as tool lists, setup sheets inspection notes, etc. or have them created automatically from data contained in your CNC program. You may also launch external applications for viewing or editing of all file types.


NC-Base gives you the perfect way of storing and retrieving all relevant information for a particular job such as:

• NC Programs
• CAD Drawings
• CAM files
• Tooling Lists
• Operation Sheets
• Photographs of Machine setups
• Fixture Information
• Etc …


NC-Base has been audited to FDA approval standards for medical applications and ISO 9001 for Aerospace and general engineering

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