FTP/NFS Servers

Modern CNC Machine Tools are often equipped with a standard Ethernet connection. The speed, flexibility, and inherent transmission error correction of an Ethernet connection make it the transmission solution of choice for many companies, especially when combined with dedicated FTP or NFS Server Software.

NC Programs
Most implementations are configured so that all NC programs for a specific CNC Machine Tool are located in a certain folder on the PC. On the CNC control, when requesting a program from the PC, all the NC programs are listed and can be selected by the operator. An NC program is transferred from the PC to the CNC control in seconds rather than minutes.

FTP Server

CIMCO FTP Server is an FTP server developed for Windows NT and Windows 95/98. The server was developed with the following goals in mind:

Compact implementation.

Complete protocol implementation.

Background operation.

The CIMCO FTP Server is very small, yet powerful, supporting all FTP requirements as of today. In contrast to other FTP servers, the intention with this server is that it should be started in the background. The server only needs a minimal initial configuration using a configuration tool, after which the server operates smoothly by itself in the background. Error conditions during startup are reported using message boxes on the desktop. When the server is running, all other messages are written to an optional log file. The level of information for the log may be specified in the configuration tool.


• Transfer large NC programs in     seconds rather than minutes.
• More reliable transfer of NC     programs.
• Standard networking     technology, software and     hardware.
• Further distances, and less     electrical noise disturbances.

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