WM Lee Ltd in Sheffield – [MDC-Max]

WM LeeSince having the MDC-Max system installed we have seen an increase in production of 15%



The main benefits of having the MDC system from Cambridge Numerical Control is that I can see what production has taken place in real time. I can see when machines are in production and when they are not without the need to go out on to the shop floor. I don’t even have to be there as I can access the system remotely. MDC has given me a more accurate view of my personnel and production in general and I now have an effective tool to manage my nightshift. Since having the system installed we have seen an increase in production of 15% on the machines where the MDC system is installed.

Cambridge Numerical Control are always there when I have a question and can fix most problems using the remote link they installed to our system. This means that they do not need to visit us and saves a lot of time.