Programming Service

Many sub-contract engineering companies can manage when it comes to 2.5D milling and only occasionally have a requirement for 3D milling

That’s when we can help, send us a drawing or better still a 3D solid model and for a small charge we can produce the 3D program

Don’t struggle and spend hours trying to program complex parts – call Cambridge Numerical Control for your 3D programming solution

3D Corner Chamfer

Toolpath generate with FeatureCAM using Isoline with a step over of 0.2mm using a 12mm Ballend cutter. This method gave a continuous sweeping toolpath producing a perfect finish.

Chain Engagement

Programmed in FeatureCAM using Parallel toolpath technique

Plastic Extrusion Former

Programmed in FeatureCAM using 4 Axis Rotary Toolpath

What a Customer had to Say

I urgently needed a 3D toolpath to complete a job so I emailed a PDF drawing to Cambridge Numerical Control.

I was amazed that with 2 hours they created a 3D model generated the 3D toolpath and emailed me NC code for my machine. I ran the program and it generated the 3D form perfectly and I was able to deliver the component on time.

Thanks Cambridge your service was outstanding.

Michael Shanks
Washington Components Ltd

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