Cambridge Numerical Control is the approved Autodesk supplier, training andJob in Vice 1 support centre for FeatureCAM   FeatureCAM is an advanced software package for unparalleled automation in CAM. As the name implies, it is a feature based, or knowledge based, manufacturing system. It knows about common features of parts and uses that knowledge to automate the manufacturing process. The knowledge-based technology in FeatureCAM gives you a powerful CAM system that combines automation with control. FeatureCAM generates toolpaths based on the features of the part and then automatically selects appropriate tools, determines roughing and finishing passes, and calculates feeds and speeds based on the software’s built-in machining knowledge.  You can easily edit the settings to suit the needs of your company or project,  or according to your individual preferences. PArt 1Ease of use is a guiding principal in the development of FeatureCAM. Graphical feedback, step-by-step wizards and tutorial-style animations run directly in the program dialog boxes. Ease of use has always been a FeatureCAM advantage and with feedback from our customers we continue to study ways to make the software even easier to learn and use. FeatureCAM offers a comprehensive solution for milling, turning, turn/mill and wire EDM.  All of your machine tools can be programmed within a single user interface designed to shorten programming times and reduce the learning curve for new users.  Integrated 3D machine simulation, together with a library of over 350 fully customisable post-processors, lets you visualise exactly how your parts will be machined. Vortex1Based on more than 20 years of development, FeatureCAM generates quality toolpaths – allowing you to produce parts of the highest standard for your customers. Delcam’s policy of code sharing between its CAM software solutions has resulted in FeatureCAM benefiting from many of PowerMILL’s proven strategies for high-speed machining and 5-axis machining.  Multi-threading, the process of splitting toolpath calculation across multiple CPUs, lets you program your parts faster than ever before.

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FeatureTURN provides quick and easy programming of all types of turned parts


Product TurningCreates both common and specialist hole types, facing and cut-off features, and grooves and threads on the outside or inside diameter, letting you machine all types of turned component

Supports a wide range of canned cycles, including rough and finish profiling, threading, grooving, drilling and tapping, making the most efficient use of your machine controller

Posts code to almost any CNC controller on the market today, letting you machine successfully from day one

Supports machines with sub-spindles, bar feeders and bar pullers, increasing productivity by reducing material loading times

Typical Applications:

Hose fittings
Bearing pins & axles

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FeatureMILL2.5D enables you to machine holes, pockets, grooves, bosses and threads quickly and easily.


Product Mill 2.5DImports industry standard file types such as IGES, DWG and DXF, for easy communication with your customers

Creates reliable toolpaths quickly and easily with the help of step-by-step wizards, saving you time

Combines single part programs into multiple part programs, minimising programming times

Supports tombstone machining on both horizontal and vertical machines, letting you machine several parts in a single set-up

Includes proven post-processors for all major machine tools, reducing machine commissioning time

Typical Applications:

General shop parts with simple slots, holes and side features
Tooling fixtures and fittings Covers, plates and brackets

3D Milling

FeatureMILL3D offers a wide range of strategies for both conventional and high-speed 3D milling.


Product 3D MillMaximises metal removal rates, helping you make parts faster Maintains constant cutter load, increasing tool life

Minimises sudden changes in cutting direction, preventing tool breakage and part damage

Produces parts with excellent surface finish quality, eliminating hand finishing

Typical Applications:

Simple moulds and die tooling
Final machining of castings

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FeatureTURN/MILL enables both turning and milling features to be created on a single machine in one set-up.


Product TurnMillSupports machines with C and Y milling capabilities and sub-spindles, letting you machine more complex parts

Easily programs drilling or milling features on the face or outside diameter of a part with the FeatureTURN/MILL feature wizard, so you get parts onto your machine tool faster

Contains all of the milling features in FeatureMILL2.5D, including holes, slots, pockets, grooves, sides and patterns, for increased flexibility

Advanced Turn/Mill Benefits:

FeatureTURN/MILL’s Multi-Turret Turning technology controls turn/mill machines with multiple turrets, speeding production through true multi-tasking processes

Synchronise and optimise your turn/mill operations between multiple turrets through an easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ graphical interface on a time or operation-basis

Sub-spindle and multiple spindle part transfer is available in FeatureCAM through defined feature operations

Simultaneous B-axis turning in FeatureCAM enables you to create multiple machining orientations in a single set-up and quickly program complex machining operations

Switch between C-axis milling and Y-axis milling to help improve the surface finish of milled parts with the tick of a box

Typical Applications:

Complex drilling heads for the oil & gas industry
Engine crank shafts


FeatureMILL/TURN supports both milling and turning features to be created on a single machine tool in a single file.


Product MillTurnAllows both milling and turning setups to be run in a single simulation

Contains all of the turning features in FeatureTURN, including turns, bores, grooves and threads

FeatureMILL/TURN feature wizard simplifies the programming of milling and turning features in a single setup for greater productivity

Supports machines with a C-Table or Table on Table

Support for a number of Mill/Turn machines, such as DMG DMU 80FD, Hermle C42 U MT and Okuma Millac 33TU

Typical Applications:

Alloy Wheels
Aerospace Engine Casings
High Pressure Compressor Housings
Compressor Plates
Mould Inserts
Tire Moulds
Pinion Cages
Tool Turrets
Pelton Blades
Crank Housings
Hydraulic Components


Tombstone machining in FeatureCAM enables easy programming of production milling.


Product TombstoneSupports both horizontal and vertical machine
Manages the placement of the parts on the tombstone
Helps you determine the milling coordinate systems
Sequences the operations so that tool changes are minimised
Simulates the NC code while displaying the tombstone, parts, tool, tool holder and spindle
Detects any gouges during simulation for safe machining
Allows maximum machine uptime for lean manufacturing techniques

Typical Applications:

Finish machining of castings
Short production run machining

5 Axis Machining

FeatureCAM supports both 5-axis positional and simultaneous machining, including 5-axis drilling, trimming and swarf machining.


Product 5AxisProduces complex parts with fewer set-ups, saving time and reducing errors

Increases accuracy by machining parts with shorter, more rigid, tools

Controls the tool axis, allowing machining of areas that cannot be machined with 3-axis strategies

Converts 3-axis toolpaths to their 5-axis equivalents automatically, preventing collisions between holder and part

Typical Applications:

Highly complex mould and die tools with undercuts
Very high tolerance aerospace parts
Turbines and stator vanes
Highly complex engine ports

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FeatureCAM provides complete simulation of the machine tool environment to identify collisions between the machine components, spindle, holder, tooling and part stock in order to avoid costly mistakes. In addition to machine simulation, FeatureCAM also offers centerline, 2D, 3D and RapidCut simulation modes.


Product SimFaster programming turnaround because you can simulate cutting motion ahead of time

Avoid production delays because of a machine that’s down

Avoid costly repairs to a crashed spindle

Avoid cost overruns from scrapped workpieces

General peace of mind

Specific capabilities:

Simulate complex machine tools and toolpaths for smoother machine tool movements

Warnings for holder collisions and gouge detection ensure no costly mistakes occur during the manufacturing process

Realistic graphics show metallic part rendering and may be rotated during the simulation

Import or build machine models with FeatureCAM’s Solid Modelling* module or your own solid modeller, including jigs, fixtures and machine specific features

Load toolpaths into different machine models to ensure you use the most appropriate machine to produce the part

Support for multiple cores enables you to simulate your manufacturing process faster than ever

Cursor arrow keys allow you to step through the simulation at your own pace

Part compare allows for quality control prior to machining, preventing scrap and the need for reprogramming

Start a 3D simulation at any stage of the machining process

Probing Support

FeatureCAM CNC Touch-Trigger Probing is an optional module providing an in-process verification solution for automated ‘lights out’ machining of feature-rich parts, with support for multiple probing feature types.


Product ProbeReduce wastage by checking for the presence of correct part or fixture

Optimise toolpaths for the exact amount of material being machined

Save time by minimising unnecessary re-cutting operations

Maximise machine usage by aborting cutting when required

Support for probing multiple feature types

Wire EDM

FeatureWIRE offers an automated approach for programming the full range of 2-axis and 4-axis wire EDM equipment.


Product EDMAutomatically provides the operations for different cutting strategies

Includes a cutting conditions database that contains wire EDM generator settings, flushing settings and cutter compensation settings

Supplied with proven post-processors for industry-leading machines, including Agie-Charmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Sodick

Supports a range of features for part creation, including dies, punches and sides

Typical Applications:

Gear blanks
Hydraulic actuators
Precision valve parts

FeatureCAM Training Results


At the end of every training course all attendee’s are requested to complete our questionnaire on how well the training was delivered. This feedback is important to us to make sure that we are delivering an excellent service. As you will see from the results our training is very highly rated.

Training Facility

Training RoomOur Training facility includes a multi-point computer system so each student gets there own terminal. Our trainer can broadcast his screen to all computers but also see individual trainees computers. This gives him the ability to coach individuals if they are having a problem. Training courses are always for an individual company so we can concentrate on the type of work you are doing. We also request companies to bring along work that needs to be programmed so when they return after the training they have jobs prepared ready to run on their machines.


Teamviewer Spontaneous customer support

When you select a CAD/CAM system it is vital that you get instant support when you hit a problem. You could be working on a very time sensitive job and need to cut metal to keep your customer happy. Cambridge Numerical Control have the latest systems to make sure you get that support. With Teamviewer we can remote into you PC and see your job and take control and show you exactly how to get over any problem. This means that you can get on with cutting metal and satisfying your customer.

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