CAM Express

Capable, proven CAM software

CAM Express for providing excellent programming range and depth, delivering maximum machine tool performance, CAM Express software is easy to deploy, easy to learn and cost effective to own.

Efficiency in a competitive global market

To be competitive in a global market manufacturers and machine shops need to take full advantage of the most efficient, innovative and capable machine tools such as high-speed mills, 5-axis machines or mill-turn multifunction equipment. To deliver the expected return on these investments it becomes imperative to be able to utilize these advanced machine tools effectively and to do so as quickly as possible. At a small percentage of the cost of the machines, advanced CAM software, supported by a top class supplier, can leverage a significant incremental value from the purchase of these new machine tools.

High performance with a low cost  of ownership

To meet budgets and business targets customers need CAM software applications that combine range and depth of capability plus advanced technical  performance with a low total cost of ownership. Incremental return on the investment in new machine tools is a key factor reducing the true cost of ownership, and the value of advanced CAM software. Competitive software pricing, ease of deployment and ease of use with a short learning curve are direct factors to a low cost of ownership. A system that offers the user help on how to tackle an NC programming task and then automates some standard parts of that job, can go a long way towards making the less experienced NC programmer more productive sooner – reducing costs.


TurningA complete Turning solution that is easy enough to use on simple programs and capable enough to tackle your

toughest geometry in multi-spindle, multi-turret applications. The system can work with solids or wireframe or even 2D profiles.


5 Axis

ImpellorCAM Express 5 Axis Machining provides comprehensive milling capabilities in a single product configuration. Machine simulation makes sure that even complex 5 axis motion is visualized and checked for safety. The 5 Axis Machining product includes capabilities for 2.5, 3 and 5 axis milling and simulation for all these machining operations.

Reasons to Buy CAM Express

The depth and breadth of the capability of CAM Express

CAM Express helps maximize the value of your advanced machine tools.

Available as proven, reliable software from Siemens PLM, the #1 CAM vendor, with more than 25 years of success in the CAM market.

Supplied with world class software support from Siemens PLM.

Available as integrated package with Solid Edge providing full range CAD/CAM with market leading capability and value.

Packaged with a comprehensive foundation of core functions from post processor creation and editing to shop documentation output.

Pre-configured with industry best practices increasing user productivity, with selectable user environments to match key types of machining.

Easy to deploy and to use with on-line access to Siemens PLM’s post processor library and options for complete machine tool support kits.

Designed to deliver a low total cost of ownership.

The CAM Express software is part of a wide range of engineering software provided by Siemens PLM within its PLM Portfolio.

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